5 Homemade Scrubs for Glowing Skin



Face scrubs and body scrubs are necessary for any beauty cure. Using artificial facial scrub as well as body scrubs, accessible in the marketplace can be dangerous for skin, as which may contain harmful chemicals. It is always sensible to use natural homemade face masks to exfoliate skin. Natural Homemade face scrubs are very useful, risk-free and also cost-effective. Read on following 5 natural homemade face scrubs and body scrubs and get natural fair and shimmering skin.


1.Sugar contains glycolic acid that exfoliates skin i.e. it removes dead cells from skin and covers up the way for the renewal of new skin. Sugars also contain anti-aging properties. Sugar is very efficient and is a basic element in many home-based facial scrubs.

Sugar can be used as it is for scrubbing your face. Wash your face with Luke-warm water. Wet your hands with Luke-warm water and take sugar in it. Now massage your face quietly with your palm in the circular motion. Leave it for 5 minutes and then massage once more by wet hands to take away the dead skin cells.

After that washing face with lukewarm water. You will establish a smooth and supple skin. This home-based sugar facial rub can be used on face, neck, elbows and all over your body.


2.Lemon can be added to sugar while scrubbing. Lemon contains anti-tanning properties. Adding lemon to the natural homemade sugar facial as well as body scrub also lightens your skin tone.

Instead of lemon, you can add honey 1/4 tablespoon and orange juice 2 tablespoons to sugar 1 tablespoon as your facial scrubber. Orange juice lightens the skin color and gives a special radiant tone to your skin. Honey moisturizes the skin. It is an outstanding home-based scrub to get a light and glowing skin.


3.Walnut Homemade facial scrub is very successful for normal and mixture skin. It exfoliates the aged and dry skin. Crush walnut and add curd in it to make a paste. Apply and massage gently. Wait till dry and wash with water. Curd soothes and moisturizes the skin.
The alternate recipe is to mix honey and lemon juice of equal amount in the finely grounded walnut powder. Honey moisturizes as well as lemon lightens the tanned skin and gives you a light and glowing skin.


4.Rice Grind bowl of rice in the mixer. Make fine powder. Mix it with milk and be relevant on the face. Massage quietly in circular motion for three minutes. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water. A brilliant face scrub, rice removes dirt, and dead cells the skin. It removes form too and milk moisturizes, cleanses and lightens the skin tone. For dry skin you have to use full cream milk. This face rubs and body scrub is safe for using daily.
For mixture skin you can add lacto-calamine with rice powder and use this face mask as face and body scrub.


5.Almonds are widely used in good looks products due to its skin curative properties. Almonds hold vitamin-E that is an antioxidant great for skin. Vitamin-E also protects the skin from sun damage.

They also control a lot of mono-unsaturated fat hence act as great moisturizer. For using almonds as a facial scrub finely grind a handful of almonds. Mix it with water. Cleanse your skin with water with a light cleanser. Quietly massage the face scrub on your face in rounded motion. Leave for 15 minutes and then massage again to help the face mask clear your skin.



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