Health Benefits for Strawberry

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Strawberries are accessible in a variety of shapes, sizes as well as colors, ranging from deep red and pink to off-white or yellowish. There are numerous varieties of strawberries such as the Virginia, Chilean and European Alpine strawberry. Usually, the smaller varieties are sweeter and more flavorful than the larger ones that are often watery. Because of their delicious flavor and beautiful appearance, strawberries are widely used in ice creams, mocktails, cakes, smoothies and additional desserts. They also form a part of numerous recipes and salads.

Strawberry has been hailed as “the queen of fruits” since of its rich dietary value which offers a range of health benefits as given below:

  1. Anti-inflammatory Properties:

The rich varieties of antioxidants in strawberries help battle inflammatory disorders like asthma and cancer. It was observed which women who ate 18 or more strawberries per week were at a 14% less risk of having eminent levels of CRP.

  1. Cardiovascular Health:

Strawberries are huge for heart health. They contain ellagic acid as well as flavonoids that get improved mind health through their antioxidant effects. They also neutralize the effects of low width lipoprotein or LDL (the bad cholesterol in our blood that causes plaque build-up in the arteries), thus lowering the threat of heart disease.

3. Weight Loss:

Strawberries are low in sugar, calories and sodium, and fat-free. The natural sugars contained in strawberries are very low with 4 gm per serving. Nitrates too prevent the muscles from becoming also tired after work out.

4. Bone Health:

Strawberries contain potassium, magnesium and Vitamin K that are beneficial for bone health. It is shown to carry down bone loss and therefore prevents bone breakage which begins with age.

5. Eye Health:

Consumption of 3 or 4 servings of strawberries can lower the risk of macular degeneration that results in vision loss.

6. Immunity Booster:

Strawberries are a rich source of Vitamin C that is a powerful immunity booster as well as an antioxidant. One cup of strawberries can offer about 100% of the daily obligation of this vitamin.


7. Cancer Prevention:

Vitamin C in strawberries assists in cancer anticipation by boosting our resistance. They also contain a phytochemical called ellagic acid which has anti-cancer properties, for instance, suppressing cancer cell expansion. Some studies have proved that dried strawberry powder can assist prevent person cancer.

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