Health Benefits of Potatoes



Potatoes are a very well-liked food source. A baked potato is a remarkably healthy low calorie, high fiber food which offers major protection next to cardiovascular disease as well as cancer. Our food ranking system fits potatoes as a very good source of vitamin B6 and a good source of potassium, copper, and vitamin C. Potatoes also contain a diversity of phytonutrients to have antioxidant activity.


Surprisingly rich in immune-boosting Vitamin C, a medium potato with the skin provides, almost half of the recommended daily intake.

Potatoes are too a rich source of Vitamin B, folate as well as minerals, for example, potassium, magnesium, and iron. Potatoes are alternative tubers, meaning that they store all the vitamins as well as minerals needed for rising new potato plants in spring.


Several of these are flavonoids which help guard against cardiovascular illness by inferior levels of horrific LDL-cholesterol and keeping artery fat-free.

The B vitamins in potatoes too defend arteries. Vitamin B6, found in potatoes, reduces levels of a particle called homocysteine which is involved in swelling and the furring up of arteries. High homocysteine levels are connected with a considerably increased risk of guts attack and stroke.


High levels of nutritional fiber support healthy incorporation and ordinary bowel movements while giving a defensive effect from colon cancer.

While most potato fiber is established in the skin, some of the starch in potatoes is rich.


Potatoes are extremely rich in Vitamin B6, a substance needed for cellular regeneration, a healthy nervous system as well as a balanced mood. Just 100g of baked potato contains twenty-one percent of the daily value of the vitamin.

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