Health Benefits of Vitamin K


Vitamin K refers to a set of fat-soluble vitamins that play a part in blood clotting, bone metabolism, and adaptable blood calcium levels.

Vitamin K1 is originated in plants. When people eat it, bacteria in the large intestine change it to its storage form, vitamin K2. It is wrapped up in the small intestine and stored in fatty tissue as well as the liver.

Without vitamin K, the body cannot produce prothrombin, a clotting factor that is necessary for blood clotting as well as bone metabolism. It is mainly possible to affect newborns and those with a malabsorption problem, due, for instance, to the short-bowel syndrome, cystic fibrosis, celiac disease, or ulcerative colitis. Newborns normally get a vitamin K injection to guard them against bleeding in the head that could be serious.

Health Benefits:

Reduces Blood Clotting

Another primary sense of vitamin K is to control blood clotting, due to the role in the incorporation of prothrombin. This is a routine process that happens at the time of injury due to tears in blood vessels. The blood clot consists of a set of molecules, which are incessantly circulating in the bloodstream. Vitamin K helps in the regulation of blood clotting by transport calcium around the body. Protein Z helps in improving the action done by thrombin so as to give confidence a relationship with phospholipids that are present in cell membranes.

Reduce Excessive Menstrual flow

A woman experience overload menstrual bleeding would be lacking in vitamin K. This will help in reducing the blood flow out of the body.

Prevents interior Bleeding

Vitamin K helps in reducing the risk of bleeding in the liver, poor nutrient absorption, jaundice or the combination of the long-term use of antibiotics or aspirin. Some of the troubles associated with the gastrointestinal system due to a decrease of this vitamin include obstructions, sprue, Crohn’s disease, and colitis. These are due to a condensed comfortable of Vitamin K.

Decreases Menstrual pain

Vitamin K helps in the proper performance of the hormone at the right occasion for the regular period that will assist in dropping menstrual pain.

Relieves Nausea during Pregnancy

Pregnant women pain from vomiting as well as nausea are often lacking in vitamin K. This vitamin eating will show good consequences by if relief in less than 72-hours as well as prevent mild forms of this sign in the future.

Prevents Hemorrhaging in Babies

This vitamin is injected into newborn to prevent hemorrhaging. Vitamin K is still essential for asthmatic children as well as can be treated through the steady intake of oral drops of this vitamin.

Stop Biliary Obstruction

Prolonged treatment with oral antibiotics cause biliary obstruction, celiac disease, regional enteritis and ulcerative colitis, and is made even worse due to a deficiency of vitamin K. Consequently, regular vitamin K intake can stop this complication from occurring.

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