Home Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes has turned into an extremely normal heath issue. There are two principle sorts of diabetes type 1 diabetes in which the body does not create insulin and second type diabetes in which the body does not sufficiently deliver insulin or the insulin that is created does not work legitimately. While there is no cure for diabetes, with your glucose level under control you can carry on with an absolutely ordinary life. There are different characteristic solutions for diabetes that will offer you some assistance with controlling your glucose level.




Diabetes can likewise be controlled by a herb called fenugreek. These fenugreek seeds ought to be absorbed water for an entire night and ought to be taken at a young hour in the morning, without eating anything before it. Powder of fenugreek seeds blended with milk likewise offers you some assistance with keeping far from this ailment. Making it day by day routine for a couple of months controls glucose levels.




Guava contains Vitamin C and fiber in it, with is more critical for the general population experiencing diabetes. Standard blood glucose level can be kept up peeling so as to eat guava regular the skin off. Abundance admission of guava is not recommended.Mango leaves Splashing few mango leaves that are fragile and delicate in water for an entire night and expanding it in the morning with unfilled stomach offers you some assistance with staying far from diabetes. Drying so as to powder these leaves them and taking a large portion of a teaspoon twice per day additionally controls diabetes.



Cinnamon (Dalchini)

Four teaspoons of cinnamon powder ought to be blended with water and ought to be bubbled in a low fire. Expanding this concentrate as a standard offers you some assistance with maintaining the blood glucose levels. A squeeze of cinnamon with warm water additionally helps in curing diabetes.


Aloe vera: एलोवेरा

Blending gel that is separated from aloe vera, sound leaf and turmeric powder in equivalent proportions and expanding the acquired arrangement day by day before your dinner offers you some assistance with controlling the glucose level which thusly keeps you free from diabetes.



Water helps in assembling the sugar substance that is available in the body which controls reason for diabetes furthermore helps in keeping up glucose levels. Devouring 2.5 liters of water every day indicates best results in individuals experiencing diabetes.



Sunlight produces Vitamin D which helps in the creation of insulin aiding in keeping up the blood glucose levels. Appreciate presenting to daylight for a couple of minutes at a young hour in the morning which helps in picking up Vitamin D and keeps you sound.


Bitter Gourd: करेला

The person suffering from diabetes must have one glass of bitter gourd juice once a day with empty stomach in the morning. This activity will help to maintain the glucose level in your body.


Jamun vinegar

Seeds, berries, and leaves of Jamun also help in maintain glucose level in blood. Jamun is available in the market only in certain seasons. It also helps in proper functioning of the pancreas.Jamun vinegar Also help in Diabetes

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