Home Remedies for Lose Weight on Face

There are many reasons for plumpness on your face including obesity, soft facial muscles, and high alcohol consumption, genetic or aging problem. Shedding weight from the face is difficult but not impossible. There are few home remedies that you can try at your home to lose weight on the face. Some of them are listed below

Water: Water is very essensial for healthy body. Drink 5-6 glass of water daily to excrete waste materials from the body and lose weight on the face.
onlinemycare Water

Avoid Junk Food: Junk food contains lots of fat materials. So avoid eating burgers, pizza, noodles or any other junk food. Also, reduce the intake of sugary and salty foodstuffs.
onlinemycare Junk Food

Facial Massage: You can also lose sufficient amount of weight by the facial massage. It increases oxygen and blood circulation which helps to tighten the skin.
onlinemycare Facial Massage

Keep balanced diet: consuming balanced diet is one of the most important steps towards weight loss. Your diet must include green vegetables, Fruits, milk, soya grains and food containing calcium, iron, and minerals.
onlinemycare balanced diet

Sleep well: It has been found after wide research that adults who do not get an appropriate amount of sleep are left with sagging face muscles and dark circles. For all those who seek weight reduction, a good sleep of 8 hours is the must.
onlinemycare Sleep well

Chew Gum: The best way to exercise cheek muscles is to chew a gum. However, try the non-sugar variant as the extra sugar can invalidate the effort. Chewing gum after every 2 hours will help to reduce weight on the face.
onlinemycare Chew Gum
Learn makeup techniques: Makeup can cover up the double chin, Sagging skin and dark circles. Learn some makeup techniques that cover up your healthy face. Consult with makeup specialist to look your face fat-free

onlinemycare Learn makeup techniques

Avoid smoking and alcohol: Smoking leads to sagging and fine lines which make your face fatty and alcohol forces your face to retain water. If you want to reduce weight on face then avoid drinking and smoking.
onlinemycare Avoid smoking and alcohol

 Clay Mask: Natural organic clay mask helps pull your skin to prevent it from sagging. As we age, our skin tends to lose its elasticity, and hence, it drops. Using a natural clay mask once a week to tone up your skin makes your face look thinner.
onlinemycare Clay Mask

Correct your posture: You are in habit to sit wrong, and then improve it immediately. Hunched back can make your face look fat. Additionally, it may also lead to double chin. Always stand straight. Do not bellow your face down while talking or walking. This can make the fat get stored in your chin area.
onlinemycare Correct your posture

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