Home Remedies for Nose Bleeding

There are many small vessels present in the lining of the nose. These tiny capillaries can easily break and cause nose bleeding.  Nose bleeding can be annoying and embarrassing.  Here are some natural home remedies to stop nose bleeding. You can easily try them at your home.
onlinemycare Nose Bleeding

Cold Compress: Cold compress is very common remedy to stop nose bleeding. This will stop bleeding within few minutes. Wrap some ice cubes in a towel or cotton cloth. Then apply this on your nose and get instant relief.
onlinemycare Cold Compress

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is very helpful to stop nose bleeding quickly. Take a cotton ball and dip into apple cider vinegar. Then put this on your nostrils and leave it for 10 minutes. You will see the bleeding stops. Repeat this if necessary.
onlinemycare Apple Cider Vinegar

Onion: Onion act as good clotting agents hence it stops bleeding quickly. Cut 1 onion into pieces and put near nostrils. Inhale the fumes and then bleeding stops within few minutes.
onlinemycare Onion

Saline Water: The common cause of nose bleeding is the dryness in the nose. Saline water acts as a good moisturizer to stop nose bleeding. Take a cup of warm water and add 1 spoon of salt in it. Mix them well. Then put few drops of this solution in your nasal cavity. If you are living in a dry climatic area then use this remedy daily.
onlinemycare Saline Water

Coriander: Coriander is highly recommended to stop nosebleeds In Ayurveda. It’s soothing and cooling nature helps stop bleeding within a few minutes. As a natural antihistamine, it helps ward off many allergies that may cause nosebleeds. Put a few drops of coriander oil or fresh coriander juice onto the inner nose lining and soon the bleeding will stop.
onlinemycare Coriander

Vitamin C: Food items enriched in Vitamin C is also very helpful to stop nose bleeding and also prevent to repeat it. Drink Orange Juice, Lemon juice or any other food item containing Vitamin C.
onlinemycare Vitamin C

Petroleum Jelly: To prevent nosebleeds during dry months, it is essential to keep the insides of the nostrils moist. You can do it easily with petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is very viscous and highly moisturizing, and it will not irritate the nasal passages. Put free drops of petroleum jelly directly in your nose and keep your nose moist.
onlinemycare Petroleum Jelly

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